Content is the best way to reach your audience and build a connection. But just making content doesn’t do the trick. Ads are skipped and banners are blocked, so…

How do you reach your target audience and sell your product?
That’s where we come in!

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Spott.ai is developing the best solution for every stakeholder in the market who wants to effectively engage their audience. By making content interactive, your audience is guided through every step of the conversion journey, from inspiration to engagement to action.

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The Team

Michel De Wachter
Michel De WachterFounder
Jonas De Cooman
Jonas De CoomanFounder
Dimitris Karamitsos
Dimitris KaramitsosInternational Partnerships & Business Development
Abdul Ibrahim
Abdul IbrahimGeneral Manager Portugal
Kyra Petrov
Kyra PetrovProduct Owner Spott.tv
Frederic Torrekens
Frederic TorrekensProduct Owner spott.ai
Yordi Peirlinck
Yordi PeirlinckProduct Owner spott.tv
Dimitri Poppe
Dimitri PoppeTechnical Lead
Lukas Van Orshoven
Lukas Van OrshovenTechnical Project Lead
Saina Ibraimo
Saina IbraimoBusiness development Portugal
Carolina de Carvalho
Carolina de CarvalhoBusiness development Portugal
Zahra Ibrahim
Zahra IbrahimContent Manager
Kenzie Amberg
Kenzie AmbergContent Manager
Damien Pulinx
Damien PulinxBusiness development Belgium & France

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