We reinvent the obvious

We live in a world where every day new technology comes to life.

As the pick-up rate of that new technology by the markets goes too slow and the management of companies is too focused on the performance of today and tomorrow, we believe that there have never been so many opportunities to generate revenues by optimizing or even redefining markets by removing inefficient processes and redundant intermediaries.

The markets of advertising and content are partly merging and are thus undergoing a complete restructuring. Think about how parties who reach a certain audience by making content and advertisers that need to reach those audiences will interact in the future.

With SPOTT, we have created a solution to make any content (video and pictures) interactive for any type of environment (video players, websites, apps, set-top boxes, smart TVs and social media). The performance of that content on those environments can be benchmarked in 1 dashboard with the same KPIs (from impressions to conversion). Not only will you know which 50% of your marketing budget works, but also why.

State of the art

Access to +3M products
and +5K brands


Making it interactive one time, allows automated publishing on all linked environments


Minutes of video



Meet our people

The Team

Michel De Wachter
Michel De WachterFounder
Jonas De Cooman
Jonas De CoomanFounder
Dimitris Karamitsos
Dimitris KaramitsosInternational Partnerships & Business Development
Abdul Ibrahim
Abdul IbrahimGeneral Manager Portugal
Kyra Petrov
Kyra PetrovProduct Owner Spott.tv
Frederic Torrekens
Frederic TorrekensProduct Owner spott
Yordi Peirlinck
Yordi PeirlinckProduct Owner spott.tv
Dimitri Poppe
Dimitri PoppeTechnical Lead
Lukas Van Orshoven
Lukas Van OrshovenTechnical Project Lead
Saina Ibraimo
Saina IbraimoBusiness development Portugal
Carolina de Carvalho
Carolina de CarvalhoBusiness development Portugal
Zahra Ibrahim
Zahra IbrahimContent Manager
Kenzie Amberg
Kenzie AmbergContent Manager
Damien Pulinx
Damien PulinxBusiness development Belgium & France
Rob Verschelden
Rob VerscheldenSenior Sales Manager
Loïc Steelandt
Loïc SteelandtCustomer Success Manager


  • Disrupt 100 Selected
  • Worldwide Microsoft Co-sell program
  • Red Herring Global Selected
  • Red Herring EU Selected
  • Rising Star Deloitte Winner
  • Startup of the Year Winner
  • New Brand of the Year Winner