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Partner program

As interactivity has many different use cases, we are continuously scouting for new and valuable partnerships with publishers, creative agencies and tech providers to further educate the market about the value of interactivity.

Join our partner program and leverage the power of interactivity in your marketing.

SAPO is the N°1 publisher in Portugal and reaches more than 60 million unique monthly visitors

Interactive advertising solutions

We help advertisers to add interactivity to their ads, significantly increasing the engagement and thus: the value. SAPO is the N°1 publisher in Portugal and reaches more than 60 million unique monthly visitors

Interactive branded content

You want your brand to stand out. And that’s exactly what our solution helps you to do. World’s most popular brands reach out to us to elevate their user experience through interactive branded content. Elle is one of the most renowned magazines worldwide.

Become a reseller of interactivity

Together with ZappWare, Spott has developed an interactive tv-experience allowing seamless integration of interactivity without interfering with the content itself. ZappWare is an award-winning UX tech solution company allowing digital TV services on any screen and device.

Microsoft (worldwide)

Spott is a 3rd party solution on the AppSource platform of Microsoft Azure.

Publicis (Europe)

Publicis and Spott work together to continuously produce new ways of how interactivity can generate extra value for advertisers.

Other valuable partnerships

Swisscom (Telco), Go See TV (digital TV services), Metrological (digital TV services), delaware (tech solutions provider), AQKA (creative agency), SamyRoad (creative agency), FSB Communications (creative agency)

Benefits for our partners


Make your content interactive to increase user engagement & optimize (or tap into new) revenue streams.

Creative agencies

Harness the power of interactivity to create more compelling branding and acquisition campaigns for your clients.

Technology partners

Spott is built upon a powerful API, allowing us to integrate seamlessly with other partners. Our technology can be a strategic addition to many existing platforms, giving you the competitive advantage that you need.