December webinar on interactive content

With this release you will add and customize spotts faster and easier. It’s a big change for existing users and changes the flow, but with a small learning curve we are convinced that you will create better interactive media much faster.

Check out the December webinar on the release below and also a transcript of the questions asked afterwards.

Do not hesitate to subscribe for our next webinar on the 25th of January. We’ll do a deep dive into the use of the tool and also how you can use interactivity to generate value for your business.

The most important Q&As during the webinar

Does Spott interactive content work on Woocommerce?

Spott interactive content already works on platforms like WordPress, Shopify and Wix, but not yet on WooCommerce. That’s foreseen on the roadmap for 2022. 

Can you show how to push interactive content on Facebook?

For FB, you use the GIF version of your content and put the shared link behind it on your FB feed.

From a user experience perspective, they click on the GIF and get the full interactive experience. It has as many clicks (2) as FB shopping, but whilst the maximal ROI of a click out of FB shopping is 1 product, the shared link will allow the purchase of multiple products at once leading to a higher order value.

Added benefit to work this way, is that

  1. you do not have to produce and maintain your FB shop (availability and pricing of your products)
  2. you can customize the interactivity to your branding whilst with FB shop, you can only add white Spotts.

On Instagram, you can add the shared link to your IG profile or put that link in your Stories (what is now open to all users now).

Yes. Check out this article to see how to do does step by step.

What about Pinterest?

You can link your Pinterest account to your Spott account and push all interactive images to your account.  You can expect a click rate of at least 10%.

Discover how via this article:

This is how your pin will look like:

Do you have any GIF examples?

We used GIFs for this best practice page:



Does it affect speed of the page if I have more than 1 interactivity on a page..lets say a landing page?

For images for sure not: our architecture is set up that way that we will not delay the loading speed of a page.

Whilst we use the Cloudflare CDN Network that is worldwide, adding multiple videos to a page (say 10), some delay could be possible. The easy solution there is to work with a YouTube, Vimeo or other video player and use the external IDs. This will allow the videos to be loaded first without being impacted by the interactive layers on top. 

Please find all video players Spott integrated with here:

Please find more information here:

How do you pitch interactivity to potential clients

We listen how the create value with their core business and based on that we present the correct templates to use and support it with one of our use cases containing data.  When doing it that way, you should have a hit rate of at least 1/5.

Can I see statistics on how many people interacted with my content?

Yes you can see this in your Spott dashboards.

Do you have an online community forum where people can exchange templates, etc.?

Yes, you can join our closed FB group

Below you will find all the major changes presented during the webinar

We added 7 different layers of Spotts that you can use now! There is a side panel, a carousel, an audio tooltip, an iframe, a form … Previously these layers were hidden; now they are full standalone interactive layers.

In the same action we also made visual cards to better explain each interactive layer with a ready to use style. You can now directly drop a layer on your media which will look good; so you can focus on changing the content and it will be ready to publish.

Discover all our interactive spott types here.






Better customization options

We added much more options per interactive layer and we also improved the explanation of each customizable item for a better understanding.

Next, we grouped the customization options in a much more logical way. Now, there are 3 tabs that separate the content of the layer from the styling; and even the more advanced options. Per tab the options are grouped per sub-element in the interactive layers; being the spott, the tooltip, the clickable area and the button.

More workspace

In the previous version of the studio the customization of the Spotts was done on the right side, whilst you could perform more actions on the left side. We merged these 2 functionalities so you can focus on 1 thing at a time. By doing this we also won space to focus more on the media that you are making interactive.

Easier template creation

Before you had build up the complete interactive Spott layer from scratch, that’s removed! Now you select an interactive spott and customize it to your own look and feel straight in the studio. If you’re satisfied, you just save this interactive Spott as a template from the studio to be used on other content.  

Easier payments

We changed the way you can buy, upgrade or downgrade your subscription package. You need to perform less steps and can switch more easily from one package to another.

More improvements

You will notice more minor changes that improved the usability of the tool, here’s the list:

  • Editing the colors is now directly saved.
  • Edit mode is much more like the preview mode
  • Timestamp in video also under the tab of content
  • Background color changed of the studio to make it lighter
  • Reduced media content space

Join the January,25th webinar

During this session, we will do a complete deep dive into using the product:

Part I (Hendrik Daniels): how to use Spott to make your images, videos, PDFs and ads interactive. 

Part II (Michel De Wachter): practical examples and applications of how interactivity generates value for you and your users.

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