Product Update: Christmas

All Spott options,
in 1 view!

In this release we focussed on simplifying the management of Spott, making all options accessible in just 1 click. With the new menu and structure of the application you have the overview of all features in 1 view; replacing all different previous navigations.

New menu and structure

We moved all options and features of Spott in 1 handy menu and simplified each single page. Now you can directly access all your projects, check your stats, create templates, invite team members, integrate with different other platforms or keep an eye on the used interactions from a single menu.

Understanding Spott and using all the power of the application is become much easier!


The menu consists out of:

1.Projects: manage all the projects your projects here. Create, edit or copy them. 

2. Media Gallery (coming soon): Upload all your media here so you can easily use it in your projects 

3. Dashboards: All advanced insights and statistics on the project interactivity are gathered here


4. Templates: the interactive spott layers that you saved, or create a layer from scratch to use on your media

5. Teams: add new team members and set their role and accessibilities

6. Clients: add new clients, give them access to their account, and switch to their projects

7. Automation: the product feeds and products are combined to automate the spott creation process

8. Integrations: connect your social accounts or use your native video players within Spott


10. Account: Your account details and password settings are here. 

11. Billing: Check your payments, get your invoices and up- or downgrade your subscription.


12. Interactions: have and overview of the interactions usage and buy more interactions if needed



Publish options in the studio

Once you uploaded your media and added interactive layers to it; it’s time to publish your content! Spott foresees 8 different ways to share your content by simply copying a link or integrating a couple lines of code. There are different options to customize the publication of your content, which, up to today, was in a seperate pop-up linked to the code. This is replaced!

With the new release you will find all the publication options as the third step in the creation process of you project. We added an extra segment to make the creation flow a more natural process.


Today you have 3 steps to create a successful  project in 1 go:

1. Project

Upload the content you want to make interactive, change the project name and link the media to external sources if needed.

2. Spotts

Drag and drop interactive layers to your content, customize them and save them optionally as your own templates to be used on other media.

3. Publish

Edit the publication settings per publication method; remove the spott branding, define the size of the output or set how the video player needs to look like when published. 

When you are ready with these step, your project can be shown to the public. The only thing you need to do is to hit the publish button, select the method you want to use, copy the link or code, and embed it in your website.

Improved the support center

We updated and upgraded the support center with all the changes and improved the structure so you can find all the information you need. 

This is a continuous work and there will be added more information, videos and explanations in the coming weeks. Let us know if you have a specific question or miss information, we will add it to the support center. 

Visit the support center here.

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Hendrik Daniels

Customer Success Manager

What’s next?

Now that the Studio and the application itself are simplified a lot, we change our focus to adding more value for you. At the moment we are working on:

  • a media gallery: you add your media in a single folder and can add them easily in any interactive layer in the studio, no more seperate uploading and waiting.. or being restricted to use image URL’s.
We expect to deliver these product innovations to you by the end of January; after which we start a focussing on innovating the interactive layers!

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