Spott™ signs 20th Century Fox as second Hollywood studio

02/2018 | Spott™ is proud to announce the signature of a contract with 20th Century Fox as second Hollywood studio, after having signed a contract with Paramount at the end of last year. Spott™’s technology will add metadata to the content of 20th Century Fox. From now on, consumers can see what their favorite actor or actress is wearing. Partnering with Spott™ will increase the return on investment of every product placement deal. The interactive Spott™ layer improves the viewer experience. The Spott™ dashboard gives insights into all the interactions.
Spott™ will be making 19 movies and television series interactive. Some examples are “Empire”, Home alone”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, “Glee”, “How I met your mother”, “New girl” and “Modern family”.

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