How DPG Media increased CTR by 40%

DPG Media is an advertising platform that performs very well in creating awareness and brand recognition for its clients. However, getting viewers to take action is more difficult. Read how they managed to solve this by using Spott's interactive content.

Jelle Van Medegael

2 months
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“We want to hand advertisers the means to also improve their activation and mid-funnel metrics. Spott’s interactive layers are very well suited to that. Adding buttons and interactive tags are a great way to increase activation in ads.”

Quinten, Senior Business Development Manager at DPG Media Advertising

About DPG Media

DPG Media is the biggest media company in Benelux. Each day, they reach 8 in 10 people with one of their 35 brands, ranging from paper magazines to television channels. 

As a leading publisher in Belgium, DPG Media offers a range of advertising solutions and channels to their corporate clients. These go from traditional advertisements such as pre-rolls and mid-rolls to new advertising products like branded content and native ads. 

Besides their role as an advertiser, DPG Media also produces their own TV shows. Their goal is to entertain and connect their viewers by offering inspiring and enlightening content. 

Quinten Galle, Senior Business Development Manager in the DPG Media Advertising division, tells us how DPG Media incorporates interactivity content in the advertising solutions and even in TV productions. 

The challenge of digital activation

As many marketers have learned over the years, one of the toughest parts of online marketing, and arguably marketing in general, is getting people to take action. You could have the greatest product of ages or be a modern Shakespeare and write amazing copy, but you’ll still be looking at only a couple percentages of viewers that actually engage with your offer. 

That’s because sometimes it’s just too hard for a visitor to take action. This could be because there are too many different products shown in your content and they don’t know what to choose (choice paralysis), or because their attention has been drawn away by the time they finish your piece of content. 

DPG Media experienced this challenge in two different places. First, they want to increase the conversion of ads run on their platforms, delivering better results for their advertising clients. 

Secondly, their mission is to create and serve their audience with engaging television shows. Interactive formats can add a new experience to traditional shows, keeping viewers engaged and increasing the probability that they will continue watching the show. gif maker 1

The solution

As Quinten says: “We know that our ads score very well in terms of branding KPIs such as awareness and brand recognition. Viewing rates and acceptance of our ads are outstanding. But we want to hand advertisers the means to also improve their activation and mid-funnel metrics. Spott’s interactive layers are very well suited to that. Adding buttons and interactive tags are a great way to increase activation in advertisements.”

Initially, DPG Media used Spott’s interactive content mainly in their pre-roll and mid-roll video ads to increase the activation and conversion rates of the ads. The interactive elements in the ads allow people to take action as soon as they see something that interests them, without having to wait until the ad has finished or having to search the item they want in a webshop. 

However, DPG Media realized that interactivity can improve activation of more than just ads. Now, they are working on a TV show that will use Spott to offer a more engaging experience to viewers, Huis Gesmaakt.

Het Huis Gesmaakt is a show which features an interior designer visiting the home of a public figure and having to guess whose house it is based on the objects found inside. Right before the reveal of the owner, viewers will have the possibility to interact and make their own guess using interactive layers, as well as seeing other viewers’ guesses

“Of course the applications could go way beyond this in the future, we could for instance see people voting on their favorite singer of The Voice, let people give thumbs up and thumbs down on what they see or survey viewers on the exposure to our advertisers. Our Research team is currently already working on these ideas”, Quinten adds. 

Why does DPG Media work with Spott?

Next to the technology itself, the mindset of the companies DPG Media works with is becoming increasingly important. As a strong brand, they are looking for partners with whom they can construct a strong relationship that can be built on.

“It’s great to work with a company like Spott because they are listening and working closely with us. There is a good match in company culture and mindset, and the team is very dynamic. It’s never an issue to have some custom development done, to be able to fully do what we want to do. There’s a real collaboration and co-creation going on, which will only increase when we start integrating Spott in our app and on other channels soon.”

“Next to the mentality, the Customer Success and support has been great. Admittedly, there was a learning curve to go through with the platform, but the team has helped us a lot in showing us around and getting everything up and running.“

What’s next for DPG Media?

Next to using the Spott interactive technology in more advertisement formats and with different types of interactivity, DPG Media has several innovative plans prepared for interactive content in their business model. 

One of those plans is the development of a Design Studio that will allow their advertising clients to create complete ad campaigns and creatives in the platform. An important component of this platform will be Spott’s technology, to be able to immediately add interactive components to the campaigns. 

Another road DPG Media wants to explore in the future is bringing interactivity on to the television screens. As TVs don’t have touch screens by default, a possible solution could be to make use of QR codes which would allow people to interact with the content. 

DPG Media’s results

When DPG Media started with interactive content in advertisements, numerous A/B tests were run to determine the difference in performance between interactive ads and regular ads. Traditional ads featured one call-to-action, whereas interactive ads had that same CTA as well as multiple interactive tags which directed to different destinations such as social media, newsletter and product pages. 

From the A/B tests that DPG Media has run, they saw a noticeable uplift on interactive ads compared to regular ads. On average, interactive campaigns had a 25% to 40% higher click-through-rate than traditional ads

Next to getting extra clicks via the interactive components, DPG Media also noticed that interactive layers increased the clicks registered on the traditional CTAs. Campaigns saw an average increase of 26% in clicks registered on the regular CTA, not including the clicks on interactive elements. 

For the second increase, there are two possible reasons: users are trying to click on interactive elements but end up clicking on the regular links, or the interactive links cause a halo effect which makes the user click on a regular link intentionally. 

Thanks to the remarkable results of interactive advertisements, DPG Media has been able to offer stronger advertising solutions to their clients, and consequently improve their position as one of the biggest online advertising platforms in Belgium.

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