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Posted in General on 19 Oct 2020

Interactivity on 360° pictures, a next step on an interactive, immersive experience

By: Michel, Co-founder and COO at Spott

Want to up your online events or are you into real estate and want to differentiate from others? Look no further time to make your 360 content interactive. 

Based on multiple requests we just released the V1 on making 360 images interactive. The whole process of adding interactivity stays the same, but you will now have the option to view them and share them in 360. 

This is a great new way to let your audience experience your interactive content. 

You can produce virtual tours for real estate, enrich museum tours, cultural events, touristic places, etc.

If you want to know more how it works, you can read much more about it in this help article.

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