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Posted in on 12 Nov 2019

Spott is joining forces with delaware & Microsoft

By: Michel, Co-founder and COO at Spott

Spott and delaware come together in a partnership that aims to make all products clickable that are visible in visual online content. This opens up a wealth of new opportunities for manufacturers and marketers, especially those specializing in retail, to sell their products and increase the Average Order Value. It also allows them to gather data about potential customers, enabling a more personalized offer.

Exclusive launch event

To celebrate this new collaboration we’ll organize an exclusive launch event on November 14 2019, at the Microsoft Experience Center in Zaventem. 15 CMO’s are invited to join a round table with key opinion formers on the changing world of marketing.
Want to be the first to get the whitepaper with the best learnings from this round table discussion? Pre-register here and we’ll share the best learnings from this round table.

Make retail content attractive

The main goal of the collaboration is to use the lessons from intention marketing and use interactive content. Spott helps manufacturers to make their content interactive by linking each image to their product database, delaware is responsible for central data management, backed by their years of expertise in Data Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) implementations. Data are stored in Microsoft Azure, the fastest growing cloud solution for retailers.


Discover more in our press release: