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Posted in on 13 Nov 2019

Spott and Aprimo provide a strong interactive platform

By: Michel, Co-founder and COO at Spott

Spott and Aprimo will start a collaboration on a joint mission to make all online images and videos fun. How? Simply by creating the possibility for the consumer to click the products in the video. Marketers can do anything to make content interactive, even add the possibility to chat inside a video website. With this Spott and Aprimo will be helping marketers to manage and improve interactive content which results in higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.


Create easy manageable interactive content

How can retail marketers make their content attractive again? Spott and Aprimo join forces to help marketers create inspirational content that sells. By allowing consumers to see the product that’s relevant to them and match their lifestyle, marketers really can make a difference. Even more so when consumers can click all products that appeal to them.


Benetton logo

“The first results were amazing. We’re confident and excited to implement Spott in over 25 countries.”

Daniele Sghedoni, Global Customer Experience Leader at Benetton




Combined services Spott and Aprimo

The combined services result in a partnership that offers manufacturers and marketers a solution to create and manage interactivity. Spott allows marketers to gather more customer data via an interactive layer on top of the online content. Aprimo helps marketers to optimize brand assets, digital files and content resources. Enterprise marketers & creatives use Aprimo’s software solutions to create and deliver exceptional customer experiences for the digital future.

Discover more in our press release: