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Why we are chosen as 1 of the 100 Most Disruptive Products in the world

It has become (1) very difficult for advertisers to reach their audiences. The reason is a combination of resources and budget (you cannot be as omnipresent on all channels) and the nature of how we as consumers act. As a consumer, we share the time that we spend on a few channels now over a multitude of channels. This means that we are much more demanding on what we want to see and our attention span has become much shorter. Even when an advertiser can inspire his audience, (2) conversion stays suboptimal because of too many clicks or even the lack of clicks and conversion options. As every channel has its own way of measuring performance and (3) advertisers have difficulties of consolidating performance statistics, there is still a lot of optimisation possible when it comes to measuring and optimizing marketing- and advertising budgets.

Advertisers need to start with what makes us interested and that is relevant content (not starting to generate content for a channel). When producing such content, they should ensure that it (1) allows immediate conversion when a viewer is inspired. When made interactive, they have to ensure (2) they can publish it on as many channels as they can. This to have a maximal ROI on their produced content, but also to (3) understand and benchmark the performance of each channel based on the content as a common factor (CTR and conversion). Spott allows you to do just that. have a seamless conversion by publishing interactive content on multiple channels and measure the results in order to identify best practices for future campaigning.


This translates into our Unique Selling Proposition

Spott is a marketing solution allowing users to get more value out of their published content by making it actionable and measurable in a multichannel environment







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