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As a consumer, we share the time that we spend on a few channels now over a multitude of channels. This means that we are much more demanding on what we want to see and our attention span has become much shorter.

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As every channel has its own way of measuring performance and advertisers have difficulties of consolidating performance statistics, there is still a lot of optimisation possible when it comes to measuring and optimizing marketing- and advertising budgets.

Spott is A Marketing

Marketing Solution Allowing Users To Get More Value Out Of Their Published Content

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Discover why you should use Spott to increase interaction with your customers. One of our happy clients tells you why he dived into the pool of interactive content!

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2017 GNV

Global New Venture Challenge Winner


2016 Microsoft

Worldwide Microsoft Co-sell program


2015 Red Herring EU

Red Herring Global Selected


2017 Deloitte

Rising Star Deloitte Winner


2017 GNV

Global New Venture Challenge Winner


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