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As part of its innovation strategy, Collishop puts innovation and customer centricity high on the priority list. That’s why Spott helps Collishop to stay focused on the right content, to increase customer engagement. Discover the results from their AB-test »


Elle magazine is the reference for Fashion & Lifestyle. Its audience wants to be the first to pick up a new trend, and the Spott technology allows these fashionistas to jump right onto their desires.

Ikea x Stranger Things

People are triggered by visuals. People will follow the hype. These two behaviours are no surprise and Ikea plays this card perfectly. In one of its campaigns, the Swedish multinational recreates the living room from a Stranger Things scene, with IKEA furniture. The fans love it!


One of the most well known e-commerce brands in Europe wanted to experiment with external content partners to increase traffic to its shop. Strong visual campaigns, combined with a good knowledge of its target group, did the trick.

Albert Heijn - Allerhande

Albert Heijn, the Dutch retailer group, is continuously looking for innovative ways to increase its digital presence and to improve its knowledge about its consumer’s behaviour. Recipe videos are a great way to interact with its user, and to increase online conversion.

Afrim's Kitchen

Cooking videos serve two sorts of inspiration. The first one is easy. Learning how to cook. The second one is less obvious, but the data show the truth: People are at least as interested in non-food items. Kitchen equipment appears to be an interactive success.

The Devil Wears Prada

If a film’s theme is fashion, make sure you help your audience to find what they want to know. Which dress is she wearing?

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