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Scalable content management solutions

Making just one picture or video shoppable and interactive is already a technical challenge. But most companies have more than one picture or video, and that’s where the real fun begins. Thousands of pictures or frames, tens of thousands of products, how do you keep track of it all?

Luckily for you we’ve put a lot of effort into building a powerful Content Management System (or CMS) that enables the efficient creation and management of vast amounts of interactive content. Read on to learn more about how the system works – and how it can work for you.

Powerful & user-friendly

Our goal in developing our proprietary CMS was to create a system that is powerful with advanced filtering and segmentation options while being user-friendly enough that new users can quickly jump in and start using it.

We do this by attaching meta-data to all content that is uploaded into the system. Instead of manually adding information to each new picture or video, we add pre-defined data points. With this one example image, we track the following information:

  • The character is Jess Day, played by actress Zooey Deschanel
  • This is a scene from Episode 6 of Season 6 of the TV series New Girl
  • The products she’s wearing, which brands they’re from and where they can be bought online

This system, combined with our AI & Machine Learning tools, gives us an efficient and scalable way to make massive amounts of content interactive and shoppable in a short amount of time.

We manage content for you

One option to manage your shoppable content is to have us do the work for you. You send us the pictures or videos, either directly as files or through an FTP connection, along with any information you may already have about them. We add a layer of meta-data, then send you code snippets to integrate the interactive content on your end. No technical knowledge is needed for this process, as it’s a matter of copy-pasting the code into place.

An example of this is our collaboration with Belmodo, the premier Belgian online fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine. Working like this allows them to integrate interactive content without increasing their workload. They know a lot more about fashion than we do, and we know more about shoppable content, so everyone can work on what they know best!

We provide a CMS for you

If you want to have full start-to-finish control over the process of making your content shoppable, we can also set up the CMS for you. This creates an environment that is completely dedicated to your content, including only your media and meta-data.

This allows you to manage the creation of interactive pictures and video in-house, without outside involvement. We are of course always available to provide advice, training and support, so you can make optimal use of the tools available to you.

Do you want to manage your content or let it manage you?

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