Cross-Channel Interactivity

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Interactive and shoppable on every platform

Where we see channels, our audiences see content. They don’t care if they’re watching a video on their TV or tablet or scrolling through pictures on your website, they expect to have a consistent experience, telling the same story.

So no matter the format, we can work with you to make your content interactive.

Interactive video player

Boost viewer engagement with an interactive video player. Transform a passive experience into an active one, by allowing your audience to interact with the content that interests them most. By integrating shoppable hotspots into your video content, your audience’s inspiration is seamlessly converted into activation.

Read our page about our video player integration options to learn more about how we can work with you to make your video content interactive.

Interactive pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but we believe that an interactive one is worth far more!

Pictures are a great way to attract visitors, but far too often their hard-won attention is not optimally utilized. Every step you force your audience to take between inspiration and action creates barriers to engagement, as they have to search for ways to take action.

With interactive pictures, your audience has a frictionless path between being inspired and acting upon this inspiration. See something interesting? Just click it to buy, discover, listen, explore, reserve, …

Interactive TV experience

Increase the engagement with your TV audience with an interactive experience – transforming passive consumption of content into an engaged interaction.

By live syncing your content, enables a seamless conversion of your audience. Audience participation, gamification, exclusive offers and discounts, test-drives, … the possibilities are endless. With our user-friendly technology, create a frictionless experience to make it easier for your audience to interact.

“At IKEA we have chosen to work with so consumers can interact in an innovative way with their favourite IKEA products. It’s a new way for us to communicate about IKEA, allowing consumers to recognise, find and buy IKEA items through TV ads and TV shows, thanks to”

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