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Data-driven decision making

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” is one of the most famous quotes in marketing – and it was said by John Wanamaker, who lived from 1838 to 1922. This is obviously not a new problem, and while the advent of digital marketing has helped, it’s far from solved.

The growth of influencer & content marketing is presenting new challenges as a growing slice of marketing budgets is being spent without a clear ROI. That might have been acceptable in the age of the Mad Men, but now the Math Men are in charge, and they want data. Lots and lots of data. As luck would have it, that’s exactly what can offer you. Read on to discover the questions we help you answer so your business can thrive!

Who is my audience?

You might know who your target audience is – but do you know who is actually interacting with the content you create? While different social media platforms will give you different levels of insights into the distribution of your followers, gives you full insights into who your audience is and where they’re from.

This allows you to accurately target the people who are most likely to be interested in your content instead of firing blind.

What are they interested in?

It’s nice to know that your pictures on Instagram are getting 20% more likes than last month – but what does that actually mean for you and your business? With, go beyond the vanity metrics and measure the impact of your efforts.

Discover exactly which products (or brands) your audience cares about most, and track your audience through the funnel from inspiration to activation.

  • If you partner with brands, these numbers are the perfect illustration of the impact you have on their bottom line
  • If you work for a brand, these numbers show the value your work and partnerships are generating

Which content do they care about?

Massive amounts of content are produced every minute (and we can help you manage this process with our Content Management System) but how can you find the really valuable nuggets of gold in this vast flood? Engagement metrics can guide you, but they only tell you part of the story. The easiest way to increase the engagement with the content you create is to post pictures or videos of kittens and puppies – but is that going to generate value?

With, track not just how often your content was liked, but how much traffic it drove across different channels and the impact that it had on revenue. Because at the end of the day, it’s the bottom line that really matters.

Who should you partner with?

People generally do not like only one thing – they are interested in a wide range of brands, media and people. So who should you collaborate with to generate extra value for your audience – and yourself? Based on the data gathers, we know what your audience cares about.

  • If you partner with brands, you know who to approach. These are the brands that your audience has an affinity with, so including them in your content will feel natural. For brands, a partnership with you is more valuable because they know that your audience is interested in what they have to offer, so they don’t try to sell clothes to nudists.
  • If you work for a brand, this is the perfect way to find the content owners that will help you reach your target audience. If an influencer’s followers are obsessed with make-up, maybe they’re not the perfect market for your sneakers.

Generating value from content

It’s easy enough to start creating content, but unless you’ve got the right kind of data about it it’s also really easy to spend a lot of time and money without having anything to show for it. By working based on the actionable insights that delivers you can maximize the value for yourself, your partners and your audience – a true win-win-win scenario!

Do you want to start making data-driven decisions?

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