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Giving you options

Creating shoppable and interactive videos is nice – but they’re pretty useless without an audience. So while we’ve made the creation of interactive content as easy as possible with Machine Learning, we’ve also put a lot of effort into increasing the impact of the content you create.

And because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we offer you options so you can use the one that best meets your needs.

Hosted by

You send us the video that needs to be interactive or shoppable, we send you a snippet of code, you copy-paste. Done.

With this option, all of the work is done on’s side. We process the video, adding shoppable hotspots, before hosting it on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service.

Video playback is handled through our state-of-the-art HTML5 video player. Optimized for mobile devices, this ensures that your audience will always see your video content in the best way possible, no matter how or where they see it.

This option has the lowest possible workload for you. No technical skills are needed – embedding the interactive video is a question of copy-pasting a snippet of code to embed the video on your website.

Hosted by you

If you prefer to host the video content yourself this is also possible. And it’s just as easy for you as having it hosted by

The process starts the same way – you send us the video file that needs to be made interactive or shoppable, and generates meta-data to make it shoppable and interactive.

Once the data has been generated, we send you a snippet of code to add to the video player. By copy-pasting this code, an interactive layover is added to the video. You remain in full control of your video material, but it is enriched with meta-data to create an interactive experience.

Hosted by another service

Do you work with a third party provider for video hosting & playing? No worries, you can still make your video content shoppable and interactive!

This works in much the same way as with video content you host yourself – you provide us with the video file to make interactive, we generate meta-data and we send you a snippet of code.

You insert this code into the embedded third party video player, which adds an interactive layover to the video. The video content is hosted by the provider of your choice, so whatever requirements you have for security, speed, … are still met. But now instead of a passive viewing experience, your viewers can interact and shop away!

“Brands at Unilever are continuously looking for innovative opportunities in order to increase engagement with their consumers. As we are moving into a video powered society, it is crucial for us to allow consumers to engage and interact with our brands. Understanding the consumer interaction data allows us to get immediate consumer feedback on our brands, our products & our content”

Look & feel

No matter which option you decide to use, you have unprecedented control over the look & feel of the interactive video player. Add your logo or change the color or font – whatever is needed to make sure that the player fits within your brand guidelines. This way the interactive video content becomes an integral part of your website.

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