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Posted in Inspiration on 12 Sep 2019

How to generate value with interactive content

The 3 stages of an interactive User Experience

Based on our use cases with clients, we have identified three stages of content interaction.

1. Educate

When publishing interactive content, you have to ensure your audience understands that this content is effectively interactive.

Visually, we work with an educational pop-up that explains the possibilities to users. This pop-up is seamlessly integrated into the content, ensuring an optimal visual experience. You will be able to customize this further to ensure a perfect integration with the content and full alignment with your branding.

2. Experience

Next up is the why. When you are considering content to be made interactive, you have to identify where the value lies for the customer. What added value can you deliver to your customer through interactivity? Combining this knowledge with the nature of your content, is all you need to choose the correct type of interactivity to push your content to the next level.

Let’s take car brands as an example. Using interactivity, their marketing teams are able to install multiple call-to-actions into their content, which at the same time enrich the content itself for viewers. Examples:

  • In-depth information about car features at relevant points throughout marketing content
  • Display of tailored dealership information
  • Newsletter subscription management
  • Test drive booking

High-end content for your fans requires first-class interactivity. Spott is the only provider that uses AI for best-in-class, second-by-second video enrichment. No matter the length of your videos, you can rest assured that every product is tagged correctly, regardless of the point at which your viewer starts interacting with your video. Say goodbye to fixed call-to-actions that appear to be glued onto your content. You can tag as many products as you like throughout the video without putting your content experience at risk.

3. Engage

The engagement stage is crucial: it ensures you can capitalize on the spark of inspiration with your visitors. There are two key points to this.
First, you have to ensure that the transactional element (the click and subsequent conversion) does not limit the content experience. Instead of refunneling your viewers away from the content, you can allow them to convert within the content environment itself, in an embedded form.

Standardized interactivity in the market

Spott made interactivity

For e-commerce, we always suggest to integrate with your shopping basket. Instead of refunneling to a third page, you allow your users to truly shop the content during their entire experience.

Secondly, you have to make sure that your UX allows for maximum conversion as soon as a visitor has shown interest by clicking.

Sports clubs are already used to creating vast amounts of inspirational content. To date, however, this content has been vastly underleveraged to push related merchandise. Instead of using functional pictures, sports teams could opt to make full outfits interactive, allowing multiple purchases for every piece of content. Instead of displaying matching items further down the conversion funnel (‘people also bought this item’) and on a separate page, you could encourage additional purchases without any friction in the content itself… Click-to-basket at its best!
If a football team is having trouble to sell out a particular game, their digital team could opt to add CTAs with discount codes to selected content in order to boost sales. Extra information can be added to the CTAs to make them feel like they are an integral part of the content.

Contact us to understand to discover how you can make your content interactive to generate more value for you and your customers.

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