Meet the client – ZEB

ZEB is a fashion eCommerce store allowing its users to instantly convert when inspired based on interactive images, videos, and pdfs. As a result, more than 88% of their audience interacts with their content.

ZEB is a multi-brand fashion store in the Benelux. They do not want to ‘just’ sell fashion but want their clients to be inspired and evolve their style. This translates into an amazing shopping experience that includes personal- and private shopping in easily accessible stores. For online, this means publishing a lot of inspirational content and allowing people to instantly convert during inspiration moments. In order to achieve such a user experience, they needed to transform their content into interactive images, pdfs, and videos.

88,65% of all viewers interact with ZEBs inspirational content

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Interactive content (image) produced by ZEB

To achieve that instant conversion during the inspiration, ZEB teamed up with SPOTT.

For their most inspirational content, their co-creation brands, ZEB has developed and tested out different (interactivity) designs to align the best content experience for the user with the most optimal ROI.

7,82% of all ZEB’s visitors clicked on at least one product to add it to their cart

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The UX of your content is a part of the UX of your website

According to Neil Patel images make up about 50% of your website. Whilst a lot of time and investments are made to optimise the user experience of eCommerce websites, only a few think to botter about that ‘other’ 50% of your website that you can optimise.

Everyone knows the must-do’s to optimise your images on your website:

  • choosing the optimal image file size (2 MB should be your max ensuring a fast loading time)
  • the correct format (loading speed >< quality or JPG >< PNG)
  • give your image a name (SEO)
  • and alt tags (SEO)

But what about the image itself? When made interactive, you can A/B test the way how people interact with your content to align the best UX with the most optimal conversion. Once you have found that optimal style, you can simply copy/paste it to all your images, videos, and PDFs ensuring the same content experience throughout the whole website.

What we were missing was a way to make our content shoppable, to make it convert, and to keep customers inspired when going through the check-out process. Spott is the missing link between inspiration and action online.
-Nico Vastenavondt, Online Content Manager at ZEB

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Interactive content (PDF) produced by ZEB

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