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Decreasing your bounces, increasing engagement and getting more conversions is one of your priorities right? Adding more interactivity to your website will get you closer to your targets.

Consumers are taking control. They install ad-blockers, click away from your great pop-up and ignore your best ads. The only solution left: give them what they’re looking for, a fun experience.

The best way to do this: adding interactivity. Interactive images, calculators, random quizzes, countdown timers, gifs, … 

Anything that grasps your users’ attention.

There are many interactivity tools and tips to help you with this. This is our top 8:

1. Spott

Ok, that’s our own tool, but it’s really one of the best tools to create interactivity. Interactive images and interactive videos will change the way people interact with your website. If you use heatmaps you know that an image or a video grasps the visitor’s attention.

Several heatmaps show that user first looks at graphics, images before reading your great copy.

If you create inspirational content about your products you know that images are extremely important here. By adding interactivity to these golden pieces of content you enable visitors to take action.

Spott is a comprehensive interactive content software that allows you to create multiple interactive content ranging from interactive videos, interactive images, interactive pdfs, catalogs to even interactive 360° images.

2. ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is the best online tool for creating highly visual and engaging quizzes that you can easily embed on any web page. A feature-rich quiz software, it offers customizable themes & templates, 15+ question types, including hotspot & order-the-list, one million+ ready-to-use questions, and 100+ settings for customization.

You can even include custom lead forms in your quiz and integrate them with your favorite marketing tools, such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, etc. What’s more – you can add images, videos, links, company logo, and social share buttons to your quiz.

interactivity tools ProProfs Quiz

3. Typeform interactive forms

Typeform is an easy tool to create quizzes, surveys, RSVP’s or lead generation forms with a simple drag and drop platform. It easily integrates with WordPress or other CMS systems and the price is relatively low.

Typeform offers an easy way to create fun forms without asking a developer for help. 


4. Moosend Marketing Platform

Moosend is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows any marketeer to seamlessly run email marketing and marketing automation campaigns with ease.

In addition to the email marketing and marketing automation aspects of the platform they also offer a range of lead generation features such as landing pages and subscription forms. Which both of them come with their own builder!

5. Countdown Timer

You probably know that creating scarcity and leveraging a sense of urgency increases sales. Because let’s be honest, on the internet we’re just a bunch of FOMO’s. A cool new tool, a shiny new phone,… 

As long as it’s new we want to be one of the few to have it. Using scarcity by creating a sense of urgency is not a revolutionary new tactic, but it sure increases conversion rates.

A cool tool for this is a plugin you can find on WordPress by WP OnlineSupport. It easily creates a beautiful countdown that will blow your mind out. 

6. MapMe

Mapme is a perfect tool to create interactive maps. It’s not relevant for every industry, but certainly, try it if it’s relevant for you. For example, a local real estate company can easily use the tool to create a map of all available real estate in a certain city.

The Hollywood Reporter created an interactive map with some of the hottest restaurants in the city.

7. FushionCharts

If you’re in B2B you might need to visualize certain data for your prospects. FusionCharts offers a good tool for this. With their software, you can easily create JavaScript charts to visualize data.


interactivity tool fushion
With FusionCharts you can easily create dynamic graphs and publish them to your website.

8. Rebrandly URL Shortener

A bonus tool that will help you make your links visually appealing is Rebrandly URL Shortener.

One of the main benefits of this is that you are able to choose your own domain. So instead of sharing a long, ugly URL that looks like this:

you can use Rebrandly to create a short, branded link that looks like this for example: — making your links more memorable and visually appealing.

interactivity tool rebrandly
With FusionCharts you can easily create dynamic graphs and publish them to your website.

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