Create Marketing Moments, Don’t Wait For Them

Even with the best efforts to profile the ideal customer model, marketers are still scratching their heads on how to keep up with the moment to moment lifestyle of consumers.  This evolving digital era, of millennials especially, is constantly in motion from cultural choices, technology preferences, and emotional responses everyday. To keep on the heels of the current consumer, marketers must lean into moment-based marketing.

This requires taking on the approach of delivering experiences every step of the way that benefits both the consumer and the brand.  Here’s how to apply that to your strategy:

Leverage Insights Into Interaction

Marketers are constantly dealing with the continual fight to hold onto impressions, as it only gets increasingly harder and more costly to increase these numbers with ads.  That minimal yet monumental moment in front of the audience’s eyes may be temporary, but can be brought into a much vaster consumer journey if effectively leveraged.

In order to do so, brands need to be able to provide relevant content at any given moment based off of the first interaction.  This is where technology takes the leading role in providing a solution that is beyond a human’s capability. Technological advancements now have the ability to comprehend the decisions behind the audience and understand the context if utilized properly.

Create Continuous Engagement

The traditional marketing campaigns are becoming outdated and ineffective, with more and more ads getting blocked..  This method is disrupting the viewer’s experience in a negative way rather than enhancing it. Continual engagement to relevant content that is being viewed is key to a moment-based marketing approach.

“To get customers, you need to go from the heart to the brain to the wallet.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, author and thought leader

Take Advantage Of Next-Generation Digital Capabilities

A forward looking mindset for marketers to deliver more quality engagement experiences means being open to new advantages that tech companies, such as Spott, offer.  These capabilities include better understanding of the customer, analyzing data, and creating competitive content.

Jonas De Cooman is Co-Founder and Co-CEO at, a content marketing SaaS platform that allows users to make any content (pictures and videos) interactive, enriched and shoppable. By processing it once, it becomes interactive across all platforms: your own websites, social media channels, third party websites, interactive video player platforms and even physical assets, such as paper magazines and boarding. The dashboard benchmarks performance of every unit of content on all platforms based on views, clicks and baskets.

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