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Content is the cornerstone of your marketing success

People have never been exposed to so much content on so many channels. 

When you do well, you are able to reach people directly through your inspiring content. 

Make sure not to forget that last mile though: what is the desired behavior you want your audience to do during the content experience?

How Benetton perfectly used interactivity to uplift the value of new content for their fans

Benetton is world-renowned for being a leader on marketing innovation.

The level and quality of the content they produce is top notch.  

They issue they had was that on the moment when a new collection is presented during a fashion show, not all clothing items are already for sale. So when inspired, viewers have no way to know when/how those items can be bought.

Together with Spott, Benetton transformed the Runway into an interactive experience where you could immediately purchase what is available and pre-reserve items that are not for sale yet.

This leading directly to a better content experience for fans and resulting into more leads and sales for Benetton.


Template used: Dynamic Tooltip

What we didWe used dynamic tags that follow the models to ensure that the interactivity is being perceived as part of the content experience. Plus, the dynamic Spotts complement the Card template, as it makes the link between the products shown in the Card template and where they are within the content.


Template used: Card

What we did: Making sure your viewers have all the time in the world to decide to make a purchase of a product during the content experience, you have to make sure it is easy for them to initiate that sale. The Card template there is a best practice doing exactly that.

Melbourne Fashion Festival brings the Runway to a next level

Experience the adventures

Template used: Tooltip

What we did: The tooltip has been customized in such a way that the interactivity is 100% part of the content itself from a type, size and color combination.

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