How To Have A 2-Way Conversation With Interactive Marketing

Since the beginning of social media, the tables have turned for brands and marketers on how they effectively connect with their audience.  Social media is in fact that, a “social” way to engage, enforcing the need to interact with one another. Coming across as power hungry as a company can be perceived as a major turn off in today’s digital culture.

Have you ever gone on a date that felt like a seemingly one-sided conversation where questions are answered with mere “yes” or “no”?  As humans, no matter what environment or experience, we yearn for personality and involvement. For brands, this validates that in order to succeed in your marketing efforts you have to “give”.

Unlike traditional advertising, where brands would issue a unidirectional message to a passive audience, new media consumers want to enter into a dialogue and interact with the brand and its messages.

Connect On A Human Level

In a one-way conversation the message is dominated by the brand’s narrative with little acknowledgement or interaction with the audience.  In a two-way conversation the brand connects with the consumers, bridging the gap between their needs and the overall message. A good rule of thumb is to add value and focus on brand building for 80% of content.  The other 20% should be for self-serving, which includes promoting events or endorsing products.

Be sure to share news and ideas, even if they aren’t yours. The idea is to educate, inform, and “delight.”  This shows that your company is not disconnected from the audience and may contribute to a sense of authority in the industry when it comes to what type of content you share.

Show Your Brand’s Personality

Diving deeper into the importance of coming across as human-like, the voice portrayed to the audience will mold the brand’s overall personality.  Voice does not necessarily mean text alone. Pictures speak a thousand words and are great marketing tools for your digital platforms. Personality can be showcased in polished campaign photos, influencer marketing promotionals, or genuine raw photos from around the workplace.

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