When all events are cancelled – spark creativity

Among the chaos of the measures taken for the Coronavirus, people are empowered to be creative. So are we, we want to take our responsibility as an online tool to make sure that we do everything possible to help. We’re ready to make sure that the companies who have been set back, can be resurrected through adding a new layer to their visual content and boost their online sales. Creativity flows when restrictions are made.

Since the Corona outbreak, hundreds of events and trade fairs have been cancelled, leaving a lot of salespersons with golden sales pitches stuck inside their homes. Well, think again. There is so much possibility for visual content that you weren’t aware of until now.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could walk into a virtual trade fair and only get more information on what you ask for at the stand? Interactivity might be the answer for you.

We wanted to share some ideas. If you feel any of these could apply to you, let us know and we’ll help you out (free of charge of course).

Give visitors a brochure

What is one of the main goals you have for having a booth? For every company, this might be different, but reaching people and informing them is always one of them. With interactive video, you can add a brochure to video as a PDF. When a ‘visitor’ wants a brochure they can just choose to get one and you can catch their contact details in a form.

Live-Chat with your visitor in the video

A big advantage of socializing at events or fairs are the questions people can ask.
You can make sure that customers or prospects can ask any question while watching your video. You could integrate a live chat in your video with one of your amazing employees working from home (it makes us feel less lonely as well, another plus!).

Explain and show your product

Do you need to explain how your product works? Some products need you to explain and sell them. Split this into separate videos. Show off the texture, explain how it’s sustainable or show every layer of your product. You can almost FEEL the product through your screen.

Connect and generate leads

When you’re going to events or fairs, the main thing is to connect and get new interesting contacts. While showing your video, you can use Spott software to provide a ‘give contact details’ or ‘subscribe to newsletter’ button. This way you’ll be able to connect, connect on LinkedIn, give a quick call,…

We will never compensate for the real feeling, but we’re getting real close.

Book an appointment

Integrate your shared calendar in the amazing content you’re producing right now, so people can book an appointment all when they’re watching the same video/picture. Your up-to-date calendar will be in there and you can even schedule meetings for when these crazy times are over.

So get creative while you’re working from home. Try Spott now and how this can get you results without contacting people in real life? We want to give you free access for as long as the COVID-19 restrictions are going on.
Take this time to boost your creativity, make the best content you’ve ever made and let’s make sure we all stay safe.

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