Interactive Video Players: an overview of interactivities and players


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Wouter Storme

Wouter Storme

What is an interactive video player?

An interactive video player has the ability to play videos with interactive elements, such as clickable spots that track a product or a button that shows at a precise moment during playback. 

Interactive video gives you the ability to do things you could never do before, like offer a direct path to purchase for an ecommerce product that increases sales, or additional ways to interact with your brand mid-content. 

It’s not just a nice feature to have, though.

According to a recent DemandGen report, interactive video produces roughly 2x the engagement that traditional “static” content generates. 

In other words, using a good interactive video player in your marketing can supercharge your engagement, sales, and lead generation.

Spott’s interactive video player offers a wide range of options and flexibility in how you visualize your interactive elements in each video, along with offering 3rd-party integrations to further amplify your content. 

6 Interactive video player features you can utilize with Spott

At Spott, we’re continuously creating new interactive video features.

We’ve taken our early interactive elements and innovated to create brand new interactive elements and methods of displaying those interactive elements in fresh new ways. 

Here are 6 interactive features you can utilize with Spott’s interactive video player:

1. Classic interactive video

This is the classic Spott interactive feature that allows you to add a tag to a moving object within one of your videos. 

With it, you can place a circle on an object that triggers a tooltip when a user hovers over it.

This and many of the other interactive features on this list are great for all kinds of things. Such as:

  • Drawing attention to a product along with a link to the product page
  • Or adding a direct link to add to cart right there within the video
  • Layering additional information about elements within your video to enhance the content

2. Ping interactive video

Similar to the classic Spott style, the animation here is a solid dot. 

When the user hovers over it, the white shade portion enlarges.

That makes this style easier to notice when you feel it might otherwise be easy to miss, such as on a fast-moving video or one where colors are changing drastically in a short period of time.

These also function the same as the classic style. Hovering over the dot will trigger the same tooltips with the same capabilities.

3. Wire Interactive Video

The wire interactive feature adds another visual style that can offer an even clearer and more direct call to action.

With this style, a smaller dot is accompanied by a wire line that stretches out to a line of text that you decide. 

That makes this style great when you think your audience might not notice or realize what the interactive elements are, so you can ensure they don’t miss them.

4. Tracked Spotts

A brand new interactive feature, “Tracked Spotts” increases the customization level of your interactive videos and comes in 3 different styles. 

Using a deep learning-based approach to object tracking, Tracked Spotts gives you the ability to add elements that track moving objects in your videos using various visual methods.

With this feature, tags are added on top of an object to track it throughout the video, which then opens up all kinds of possibilities in terms of visual interactive elements.

5. Add "Hints" to videos

Another interactive feature are ‘hints’, which allow you to add clickable text boxes to your videos that offer various functions.

For example, you add a short message that tells the user they can click on various points within the video to explore its interactive features.

With hints, you can take your users through the interactive elements you’ve added to your videos, which is useful given just how new and relatively unknown interactive video is to many consumers. 

This allows you to offer a more guided experience that increases engagement in those interactive elements. 

6. Products Cards

If you rather offer a more complete shopping experience from within a video, you can use the product card feature to add cards that display products that appear in your videos.

This product cards, the user can click to add that item to their cart and continue watching uninterrupted (with the ability to add additional items as they watch). 

We’ve also recently updated the product card feature to allow you to make those cards visible permanently, meaning your content lives on with all interactive features (and conversion potential) intact no matter what background changes occur with your product catalog.  

Watch an example below: 




Spott interactive video player: Integrations

Video content is diverse and wide-ranging, so it’s important to us that you’re able to use Spott’s interactive video features no matter what your favorite or most-used video players are. 

You can easily add interactivity to your videos using any one of these players:

And here’s a full breakdown for each type of integration and video platform.

Keep in mind, as you can see from the table above, if you have no preferred video player, you can use Spott’s own interactive video maker to embed video natively on your platform.

By doing so, you get the full range of interactive video features, while taking advantage of Spott’s reporting dashboard to see how your videos are performing. 

Help! I don’t see my video player listed!

Use a video player that’s not listed on our integrations list? No problem!

Spott can integrate with virtually any video player out there. It just needs:

  • API Documentation we can use to understand how the player works, and
  • The ability for us to hook into player events including play, pause, time updates, and fullscreen

If you’re interested in getting your preferred video player set up with Spott, contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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