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Meghan Markle was already well on her way to fame with her acting career, but her relationship with (and marriage to) Prince Harry instantly catapulted her to global superstardom. The Meghan Markle Effect is something most people are already familiar with – whatever Meghan wears is sold out in days, hours or minutes, if the massive influx doesn’t just crash the website!

The phenomenon is not new of course. Just a few years ago, we had the Kate Middleton Effect. And it’s not just royals who drive sales – Beyoncé can cause H&M to run out a style of distressed jeans, around the world. Even Lindsay Lohan attending a court date can cause a dress to sell out.

You might be thinking “What use is this for me, if I can’t get Meghan or someone like her to wear or use my product?”

Luckily for you, Meghan Markle Marketing is about more than just the effect that one individual celebrity has on sales.

While the fame of the people wearing the outfits is obviously a factor in the massive effect they have on sales, there’s more to it than that. Not every outfit worn by a celebrity sells out – because not every outfit looks good.

What these sold out items have in common is that the pictures that go around the world show us how good they look in action. When Meghan, Rihanna or Beyoncé wear a dress that blows our minds we don’t just buy it because they wore it. We buy it because we want to look as good as them. The pictures are inspirational (showing us brands or outfits we may not have known before) and aspirational (showing us just how good they can look).

The good news is that you don’t need a world-famous actress, singer or royal to create inspirational and aspirational content. Brands, influencers and consumers are constantly creating this kind of content, with thousands of pictures and hours of video posted online every minute.

But this aspirational content often only does just that. It gives us something to dream about, the perfect dress being worn on the same perfect beach. We might even save it to our ‘dream outfits’ board on Pinterest, but too often that’s where engagement with a particular item or outfit comes to a crashing halt.

At the other end of the conversion funnel, when we go shopping online or offline, inspiration can be hard to find. If we’re lucky, we get to see a model wearing them in front of a white background. All too often, the clothes just float there in mid air, like an archeological artefact exhibited in a museum.

Too often the focus is on what the clothes are right now, and not what they could be. We don’t buy a beautiful cocktail dress to stand in front of a white screen, but to dazzle the crowd at a party. So show us the party, and just how amazing we’ll look.

So on one end we have content that makes us dream but is hard to find and buy, and at the other end we are pushed to buy as much as possible, but without giving us room to dream. So what happens if you build a bridge between the two?

That’s where comes in. We make inspirational content shoppable, so the people who see your products won’t just be inspired to dream – they can instantly turn their inspiration into activation. Use Meghan Markle Marketing with aspirational content that shows your audience just how good they can look, while guiding them towards conversion. By integrating shoppable hotspots into your pictures and video the conversion from inspiration to activation is a smooth process, rather than a jarring interruption of the viewing experience.

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