Next level sports marketing using interactivity

Bring more value for fans and partners

Classical sports marketing is still very much focussed on awareness: logo’s on the shirts, branding on the website and VIP exposure. Sport marketing can be so much more when it is facilitated using the right tooling.

By using interactivity, you are able to weave the partners’ products & services within the content experience offering a more authentic exposure and interaction between the brand and the fans resulting into direct conversions for the partner


Create more business based on interactive content – Atletico Mineiro

Atletico Mineiro is one of the most popular Brazilian football teams with a large group of loyal fans. We put a strategy together where they can use interactivity bringing the content experience to the next level whilst uplifting merchandising and bringing sponsoring solutions to the next level.

Atletico Mineiro has their own channel, TV Galo. Every video gets introduced by one of the partners where users can book a test drive (Fiat) or purchase the latest clothing items (Le Coq Sportif). During the video, users can also acquire merchandising, insert gamification elements giving away uniquely signed items, let fans vote on what player should be on the fan meet & greet and so on.

But interactivity allows you to go much further that just the obvious. 

When talking about the next game, you can add all relevant information about the game to the viewer: the team line-up, the results of the last encounters, top player information, injured players, latest transfer news,.. . 

Atletico Mineiro has their own crypto currency, Gallo Coins. They can use the interactivity to easter egg content with coins enticing their fans into consuming more content. 

Remember pre-COVID where you had those amazing atmosphere during game day? When not 100% sold out, interactivity can be used introducing dynamic pricing to sell those last tickets ensuring sold out games. 

Interactivity for better storytelling – F1

Not every video gets viewed until the end. You can use interactivity to implement content branching allowing your viewer to access the most relevant content part immediately.

The last round during the F1 2021 championship has been one for the books. There was more going on in that 1 round than in some complete races. We used branching facilitating the viewer to have a maximal experience of every part of that last round.

Copyright: Formula 1 

Uplift the impact of the content experience – Jumbo Visma

Wout van Aert is one of the best cyclists of his generation. Not only super talented with an amazing perseverance, but also a hyper-professional. By making this video interactive, we want to underline the work, professionalism and attention to detail that is needed to be such a champion. 

Copyright: GCN

Webinar February 8th: interactive images

We’ll show you the ins and outs in a 1/2 hour session on how to create and publish interactive images with a focus on:

  • image extensions (optimised page loading time)
  • Add to basket template (higher conversion)
  • Publishing on Pinterest
  • Publish on social using the share link
  • Creating GIFs out of interactive images

Webinar April 5th: product release!

We will be expanding the use of the media library allowing even more flexibility in creating interactive content. 

During this webinar, we’ll run through the changes and show what you can do (more).

Different interactive options are shown how interactivity can help better inform users

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