Own Your Consumer Journey Through Interactive Content

Whether you’re a publisher, brand, or retailer, a business is far greater than one dimensional and so should be the content.  We believe content should be intentional from the products featured down to the message spoken. Images and videos are a great way to express a vision, but often falls short in generating engagement with so much competition.  Interactive media has multiple elements that draw in the attention of potential consumers.

As we all know, the traditional ways of advertising through banners and pop up ads only lead to consumer irritation and ineffectiveness to optimize.  With Spott’s artificial intelligence, the organic integration allows you to have full control over the consumer experience while giving the consumers what they want.

For Publishers

As the media landscape changes online, publishers are seeking new ways to continue to stay relevant.  The rapidly growing social platforms are proving to be a fierce competitor for publishers. One in five Americans are getting their news from social media, which is consequently altering the integrity of content.  Spott’s technology can help improve the quality of content that is exposed to the audience. Through Spott, all data from consumer driven engagement is tracked for publishers to understand the content’s impact. This will help generate more measurable value for the content featured.

In 2018 New York Times hit 3 million paid digital-only subscribers, fully exemplifying how powerful an online presence is.  Spott’s AI technology allows integration for interactive content, giving the viewers more relevant information and advertisers the opportunity to generate more.

For Brands

Radical transformations continue to progress within the retail industry at an accelerated level.  The lines between online and offline are being blurred, expanding the potential of opportunities for brands virtually.  Even with the ability to now have a completely digital brand, consumers are still yearning for an experience. Interactive content is a great innovation to any business’s online platform to fully grasp the viewer’s attention and make it easier than ever to shop.

With Spott, brands can optimize their conversions funnel by enabling fans to shop, book, or more by clicking on content.  That being said, brands can gain key insights into their engagement marketing strategy and redefine their customer journey.

For Retailers

2019 is the year where retailers heavily rely on artificial intelligence to leverage their business.  The online competition is consistently growing and consumers are more available to products than ever before.

For retailers, Spott’s technology helps boost sales conversions by publishing vast amounts of interactive content on all channels. Spott also enables retailers to benchmark the sales performance of every partnership they work with. Turn your platform into an interactive marketplace where customers can engage directly through the content.

Jonas De Cooman is Co-Founder and Co-CEO at, a content marketing SaaS platform that allows users to make any content (pictures and videos) interactive, enriched and shoppable. By processing it once, it becomes interactive across all platforms: your own websites, social media channels, third party websites, interactive video player platforms and even physical assets, such as paper magazines and boarding. The dashboard benchmarks performance of every unit of content on all platforms based on views, clicks and baskets. User profiling is available on request.

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