Spott 101: How to sell more by adding interactivity to images

Hello there, General Kenobi. Yes, a Star Wars reference, because why not. This series of articles will show you how to sell more with interactive images. Ready? Let’s get going.

The most straightforward way to sell more with interactive images, is to tag products that are visible in an image or video. From sneakers, to necklaces, to kitchen sinks, to books, you name it.

Wait a minute. Products, like in plural? Yeah, it’s like hyperlinking on steroids.
Every tag contains a link that redirects you to a web page of choice, in this case that would be a product page.

More is not always better

Sounds simple enough right? Right.
But… (there’s always a but) it’s best to be aware of some pitfalls along the way.
It’s easy to get carried away and go overboard with the tags.

Left: a room filled with household utensils tagged, Right: a complete outfit tagged

Let’s look at the following quote:

“If everything is important, then nothing is.”

This was said by a wise man called Patrick M. Lencioni.

Don’t know who he is? Good, me neither.

Aaaanyway, I’m trying to make a point here. Or maybe two:

  1. Adding too many tags on an image will decrease focus of the viewer.
  2. You might completely cover your expensive, well-crafted content with tags, which isn’t going to help them focus either.

Adding interactivity to an image has one key function: lowering the effort a viewer must do to get to your product (or service, or…).

Add interactivity where it matters

Feeling a bit lost? Don’t worry, it will make sense in just a minute, hang tight.
Let me make things more clear with an example. 

Take a look at the following image:

Cool picture, right? At least what’s left of it. It’s full of tags now. 

It’s like your living room has white measles.

Let’s fix this in 2 steps.

Step 1: Remove duplicate tags

We remove all tags on products that are in the image twice.

We’ve deleted duplicate tags on the lamp, window, pillows, … 

Step 2: Choose where to add interactivity

We choose the products we want to highlight wisely and moderately.

No more measles, but instead a nice living room with a few cute tags.

Of course, there’s more to it than just these few steps that we’ve covered.
But if you’re just starting out with interactive content these are the ones you should always keep in mind.

Key takeaways

Let’s recap:

  • A living room with measles looks awful
  • Don’t tag products twice
  • Be selective about the items you want to bring forward

There you go.

Use these tips to add interactivity to your content and you’ll boost your sales in no time.

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