The Secret to Creating Content That Never Dies

Media and entertainment firms are coming to the realisation of just how powerful metadata is to their company’s sustainability.  Roughly $145 billion dollars is spent on content each year. Content helps give insight into the targeted viewer’s actions, but companies are now finding ways to organize data better in order to utilize every impression.  With consumer behavior changing, content is moving to the center of all marketing strategies.

The surplus of content on social media platforms is forcing digital marketers to construct a creative plan to stand out.  At this stage of Facebook and Instagram’s popularity, it’s easy for a post to fade away in the shuffle of constant activity from everyone else.  So how do companies compete? Smart content may be the ultimate solution to improve metadata and increase engagement on omni-levels.

Digesting the Data

The new era of smart content has only just begun and can be defined as an uncharted territory.  This modern marketing mechanism is personalized to the individuals viewing it and promotes interactivity.  This alters the perception of the traditional advertising antidote, “one-size fits all”. Dynamic content can be demonstrated in various ways, as we are in an experiential season where we welcome negative outcomes in order to learn more.

No matter how it uniquely fits within a company, one approach reigns true throughout.  Smart content is built to make data flexible without snapping the system by using logic instead of fixed groups to target.  Content is created in a more ontological manner, comprehending the “meaning” behind visitors click pattern and consumer behavior.

Smart content is proving to be successful as it creates depths and layers compared to how content has been created traditionally.

How it Can Be Applied

One way of creating an elevated experience for visitors through smart content is to incorporate interactive images and videos into your site.  AI companies now offer innovative technology that promotes discovery and personalization of products within content. The depth gives users an unique experience and increases consumer behavior.  This form of smart content cross references creativity while emphasizing on healthy ecommerce behavior. The organic approach of getting products in front of visitors helps focus attention on the needs of the audience instead of brand first.  

Jonas De Cooman is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of, a content marketing SaaS platform that allows users to make any content (pictures and videos) interactive, enriched and shoppable. By processing it once, it becomes interactive across all platforms: your own websites, social media channels, third party websites, interactive video player platforms and even physical assets, such as paper magazines and boarding. The dashboard benchmarks performance of every unit of content on all platforms based on views, clicks and baskets. User profiling is available on request.

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