3 tips to boost your affiliate marketing in 2020

Tip #1: Measure every step

It’s important to measure and track as much as possible. Just knowing which product gets the most clicks isn’t enough. You need to know when a certain product is clicked, what products are your users interacting with

Once you can measure all interactions you can really get affiliate marketing started.

Tip #2: Be relevant

Create relevant creative content which can be used by publishers. Don’t just create an ad with your latest promotion, but provide inspirational content.

Get more traffic, seems like an easy one right? Well, it’s not rocket science. All you have to do is make things easier for the user. So don’t focus on creating a big banner with a flashy banner.

Don’t just create shitty banners and pray for results:

People won’t notice these banners. They block them and mostly don’t even watch them. Ok, these are some really bad examples. But even the best banner ads are getting bad results these days.

Do focus on creating interactive content that’s relevant for the publisher and the content reader:

El Corte Ingles created shoppable images which are being used on lifestyle sites like Sapo.

Creating relevant content that will help your publishers to integrate it in their content and will push users to check-out your products.

Tip #3: Focus on omnichannel campaigns

As an affiliate marketer, you’re probably not responsible for other online marketing channels (SEO, SEA, Social,…). But you should still think about how they impact your campaigns.

A good affiliate campaign has a positive impact on retargeting campaigns. That goes without saying. But as an affiliate marketer, you can also impact content, social media and other campaigns.

Understanding what works for your publishers will help the entire company marketing strategy.

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