Video Marketing Trends That Will Help Grow Your Brand in 2020

Video advertising is reaching new heights of optimization as social media platforms are welcoming this animated form of content. According to LinkedIn, emphasizing on video marketing will leverage your brand far greater than the traditional routes.  Not saying that other forms of content are less relevant, but they do not offer the combined sensory elements that videos do. Here are some of the key video marketing trends for 2020 to take into consideration for your marketing tactics.

Video marketing trend 1:  Don’t be perfect

The first question any brand runs into is, what type of video should we make?  Instead of trying to taking the role of aspiring screenwriter, consider the simplicity of filming the process.  Companies are encouraged by the current culture to be vulnerable, real, and open. Filming and sharing the lows along with the highs of running a business will evoke genuinity to the audience.  Branded content for 2019 will work to close the gap between imagination and reality.

Imperfect but raw videos make a more impactful impression compared to big-budget productions.  The viewers are more opt to trust a brand when they’re revealed the ins and the outs of what’s behind the machine. Fortunately, this method will most likely save on a budget and promote organic engagement on social media. That’s why you should consider to start video marketing without trying to be too perfect.

Video marketing trend 2: Make it social

Consistently updating your brand’s social media story is one of the best ways to communicate with followers. The majority of viewers tend to check out a brand’s social media platforms before ever going to the actual site.  Animoto’s 2018 survey indicated that 48% of consumers made purchases with the “swipe up” feature, which is a significant increase compared to 30% in 2017.

While Instagram still has statistical requirements in order to have the ability of the “swipe up” feature, there are still ways to promote your brand through this method.  Influencer and video marketing go hand in hand. Partnering with an relative influencer that reaches the Instagram requirements not only allows viewers to swipe up, but also watch a recommendation.  Influencers have an incredibly loyal following that won’t hesitate to purchase products they feature.

Video marketing trend 3: use it for B2B

LinkedIn is a strong advocate for video content as a way to connect with other businesses.  According to their statistics, video content is shared twenty times more often than the traditional sense of content.  Videos on LinkedIn tend to promote higher engagement and interest, generating a view rate of 50%, which is quite a feet.

Get a media-mindset for your video marketing

To get these video marketing trends to work in your company you need to change the mindset in your content team. They need to get a media-mindset to create the best content. Discover why you your comapny needs a media-mindset.

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