Why your company needs a media-mindset

Content has been king for quite some time now. No matter what industry you’re in, without good content you won’t be able to get results from your website. In this article I’ll show you:

Why you need to think visual

Did you notice how Facebook has transformed from a platform where you publish posts, into a platform where you publish pictures? Did you notice how TikTok – the fastest growing online platform – is only using video as a way to express oneself? Do you notice how the new generation is learning new skills on YouTube?

I, as part of Generation Y, grew up with the arrival of the internet as a platform where texts were linked together through hyperlinks. I still remember, when I first discovered the internet, how I compared it to Encarta (which was an encyclopedia on a box of CD-ROMs), but then more elaborate.

Admit it, you skipped some text and started watching this gif.

It is incredible how, in a time span of 20 years, the internet has evolved from a textual medium, into a visual medium. The accelerator was the launch of Instagram in 2010. After that, also Facebook started to prioritise pictures into the feed, followed by launching video on its platform in 2013. The arrival of video platforms like TikTok is only further accelerating this trend.

What is the impact on all of us? What is the impact on consumers? Well, look at yourself. Look at Generation Z. What is the time they are spending on reading? Like, reading text. Certainly, in decline. We are processing more and more visual content. Maybe still predominantly pictures today, but certainly video tomorrow. Video becomes the new standard.

Talk to your audience in video

What is the consequence for all brands, retailers, companies in general? The impact is that websites will be evolving from a place where you can read more – on the company, brand or product – into a place where you can watch content on the company, brand or product. Video will become the preferred medium in bringing these messages. Video is more complete than a picture, is easier to consume. And video is becoming cheaper to create. 

In 2022 82% of all interenet traffic will be video


As a result, any brand, retailer or company, in general, will start using content as a way to engage with their audience. In order to reach their audience, they will either start building their own online presence (and start thinking like a publisher) or they will rent the reach from existing publishing platforms, including social media. 

Get results from video

The next thing we notice is companies getting clients via videos. All videos will be created with a common objective, i.e. to generate leads. Videos will allow marketers to evolve from a one-to-many communication towards a one-to-one communication at scale. Video interactions will enable marketers to understand & segment their audience, thus accelerating the one-to-one conversations at scale. This can lead to personalised messages based on actual behaviour. In the next years, we will see more personalised recommendations or interactive promotions in video

In the video above Estée Lauder is showing off the best beauty products to use before going to bed.

Today, videos are still mainly a lay back experience. Tomorrow, the line between gaming & video will fade, and the audience will be invited to lean forward. The audience will be invited to interact with the video content, especially on mobile devices. This interaction will lead to an increase in the engagement, but also retention as the audience has been more actively involved with the content. 

In a world where every company will become a media company. All of these companies will look for ways to turn their audience into consumers. 

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