5 reasons why your site needs interactivity

Adding interactivity to your website has many advantages. Interactivity impacts your SEO, overall site performance and conversion rates. These are the 5 biggest advantages of using interactivity:

  1. Less bounces
  2. Simplify product updates
  3. More conversions
  4. Improved user experience
  5. More behavioural data

# 1: Less bounces

Ever created a heatmap of your website? Well, you’ve probably noticed that users spend most of their time looking at images or videos. By adding interactivity to those images your visitors will navigate more easily inside your website and bounce rates will decrease.

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Why not use this to your advantage? By adding interactivity inside those images and videos users get the chance to interact with what inspires them.

# 2: Simplify product updates

Your products are changing all the time? Changing the images, prices or names in all your content can become an impossible task. Don’t miss out on the traffic on older content. By using interactive content you’ll be able to update and manage all images of a certain product with just one click.

By using Spott to manage your interactive content the links will always stay up-to-date and mention the most recent pricing.

# 3: More conversions

Interactivity is mostly used to get more leads, sales or newsletter subscriptions. These interactivity tactics will get you more conversions:

  • Shop the look: show a look with different products and let visitors shop the products in this fantastic image.
  • Subscribe to newsletter: Let users subscribe to your newsletter while watching your video.
  • Add call-to-action: Add extra call-to-actions inside your images and videos to grasp the visitors’ attention.
  • Convert in-content: let visitors subscribe to your newsletter, buy a product or anything else without leaving your video.

One of the main advantages of interactivity-tactics like “shop-the-look” is that your visitors can simply click the product they want to buy when they see it in a photo or video.

# 4: Improved user experience

Using interactivity in your images and videos improves the overall user experience. Visitors can just click the object they like. Without having to search through your entire website. Once they see something they like, they can just click it.

Also adding call to actions in images and videos helps users navigate through your website without reading every piece of content.

# 5: Useful behavioural data

This is the good part. You’ll get a lot more data. You already know if visitors watch certain images or images. But what if you would know how visitors interact with your content? What product in your image were they hovering over?

Understanding user behaviour will help you change your communication. Push the most relevant visual content. Or what about creating different personae based on the level of interaction with certain content?

The cool part is when you start using retargeting based on behavioural data. Not only based on what pages they viewed, what links they clicked, but also based on what products they are interested in.

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