Interactive fashion inspiration with Belmodo

Interactive fashion inspiration with Belmodo2018-07-04T12:02:10+00:00

Who is Belmodo?

Belmodo is an expert in fashion, beauty and lifestyle media. Active as a publisher, agency, community and much more, it is best known as the premier Belgian online fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine

Belmodo partners with brands to help them reach their target audience. Founded by fashionista and TV fashion icon Tiany Kiriloff, they are a trusted source of inspiration for many.

Belmodo x Spott

For their visitors, Belmodo is an inspirational and aspirational destination, filled with pictures and descriptions of the newest must-have outfits and beauty products. Making it easier to turn this inspiration into action makes Belmodo a better website. No need to search for that shirt you love, just click & buy!

We are seeing an average CTR (click-through rate) on interactive embedded pictures of 4,35% – with some, like the trendy white sneakers you see here, reaching a CTR above 10%.

Interactivity as a sales tool

Brand partners work with Belmodo to inspire their audience to take action – making this easier increases the value of the partnership.

That’s why Belmodo is now including interactivity as an option for brands in their rate card and sales meetings, pushing this innovative new functionality as a way to enhance partnerships and produce even better results for brands.

With our powerful dashboarding solution the impact of a campaign is easy to measure, down to the interest in each individual product that is included. This makes it easier to measure ROI and optimize campaigns for success.

By staying a step ahead of the competition, brands that work with shoppable content position themselves as experts in their market, increasing brand loyalty.

Extra impact without extra work

Creation and management of the embedded pictures is fully handled by Spott. Belmodo provides the source pictures & products, which are combined in the Spott Content Management System (CMS). Afterwards, all Belmodo has to do is insert a short snippet of code in their articles and the shoppable pictures are included.

With our state-of-the-art CMS it is easy to produce and manage large volumes of interactive content without losing control. If a partner prefers to manage interactivity in-house, we offer a white label CMS for internal use.

A major advantage of the method we use to make media interactive is that it is easy to share and works outside of the original website. So when a Belmodo article is published on, embedded interactive media remain functional.

The results of these shared pictures are easy to track as well, like the 10,47% CTR on the dresses you see here. No more guesstimating the impact of your content being shared across the internet – measure the impact everywhere your media is seen.

“We are very pleased with the results from the user interaction with the interactive content created. With this new option, Belmodo offers advertisers the opportunity to boost their campaign and give it an enhanced viewer’s experience.”

Are you inspired by Belmodo’s results?

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