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Posted in Product on 06 Aug 2019

Introducing our Q3 updates to the interactive video player

At Spott, we really take the feedback of our customers at heart. Over the last couple of months, our product & engineering team has been working hard on adding exactly those features our users were craving for.

More specifically, we decided to dedicate a big part of our focus during Q3 to our interactive video player. We wanted to give users more flexibility in the way they visualize the interactive objects in the video & add some key 3rd party integrations at the same time.

Some of the shiny new features that have been added to our interactive video player:

Brand new Spott type & styles for interactive videos

We really wanted to increase the customization level for interactive videos. We’re proud to introduce our brand new “Tracked Spotts”, which will come in 3 different Spott Styles.

“Tracked Spotts” evolved out of a deep learning based approach to object tracking. More specifically: the process of locating moving objects over time in videos. You can see an example below.

By using this algorithmic model, we were able to add “Tracked tags” on top of the object tracking.

This allows us to bring you 3 new Spott Styles that can be used to provide the best possible visualization for any type of video content.


This Spott style provides you with the classic visualization: a circle that triggers a tooltip when you hover over it.


The Ping Spott style is very similar to the classic view, but the animation is different. When you hover over a Spott, the white shade around the Spott enlarges. The behavior stays the same: hovering will also trigger the tooltip.


Last but not least: wire style. Spotts are indicated in a video with a wire linked to the spotted object & made actionable with a customizable call to action at the end of the wire.

Add ‘Hints’ to videos

Adding Hints to videos will trigger a pop-up sliding in from the top left corner, which is shown for 3 seconds. This is a great way to educate your visitors about the interactive element in your video content.

Expand your product cards permanently

We have added new functionality to the existing product cards feature. Say hello to ‘Expanded Cards’. To improve the visibility of specific featured products in a video the expanded cards can be made permanently visible.

More 3rd party integrations

We believe it’s crucial that you’re able to use Spott in combination with your favorite existing tools & technology stack. Recently we integrated our Spott platform with Flowplayer Ooyala Digiteka and many others.

Want to learn more?

Are you interested to learn more about these new features and our product roadmap? Feel free to schedule a demo with one of our colleagues. They can’t wait to learn more about your challenges and discuss how Spott can make sure your content not only inspires, but also sparks sales.

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