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pricing: €9.99

Still small but aiming for the stars? We can help you!
That’s why we’ve got something for you: The kick-start offer. You’ll get full access to our software at the lowest possible price: €9.99 per month.

Kick-start now

  Full Spott Access   Easy to use software   We'll help you grow

Make your content interactive


What do I get for this insane price?

Who applies for this?

  1. You’ve got max 10.000 monthly visitors on your website
  2. You won’t need more than 150 credits per month

We’re crazy about helping young and small companies. That’s why we’ve created this insanely low price of €9.99. For this price you’ll get:

  • Full access to our platform
  • 150 credits per month
  • An easy tool to add interactivity to your content
  • Possibility to share your content wherever you want

But why? 

We’re not crazy. We do this because we love to help out small companies. We want to grow together with you. All we ask you to do is use our software and keep a link to our platform so your visitors know you’ve used Spott to create your amazing interactive content. 

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