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Join our network in growth!

Convinced of all the benefits Spott has to offer? It’s time to make some money out of your network! 

Sometimes we keep a new discovery to ourselves. It’s logical, isn’t it? We want to avoid our ‘colleagues’ doing better and earn nothing from that simple recommendation. Spott makes a change. 

Marketer or freelance content creator? Introduce your clients to Spott and earn money in one simple step. 

Use a unique link to earn extra income from every customer you acquire. And get 50% recurring revenue on every sale made through your network. Give them the tools, we’ll give you the percentage you deserve.

Who are the Spott users?

Thousands of online retailers, online publishers, advertisers, and marketing agencies are convinced! They use Spott to level up their conversion, create interactive content, and see the difference it makes. And yes, they spread the word!

UX Designer

Content Marketeer

Advertising Agencies

How does it pay off?

Let’s put more chairs around the table! It’s easy, you receive a monthly recurring revenue for every new Spott user you bring to the table. In a few easy steps, you drag your network into the world of amazing interactive content.

Download our media package and start a Spott revolution!

It’s child’s play!

Be creative with an on the Spott review about our services. Bring your audience into Spott-motion. Publish it on your blog, social media, or YouTube channel. 

Chris from AppSummo, Jonas from Lidl, and one of our own employees show you how it’s done: 

Explainer video by AppSumo

Product demo video

Testimonial video by LIDL

Quote from LIDL

Spott enables us to scale-up in a smart and efficient way. They introduced scalability, speed, saved us a lot of hassle and delivered great interaction figures.
Jonas Braun
Head of Media Strategy LIDL

60% time saved making +200 videos interactive

+60% viewer engagement  CTR above 5%

We are in this together!

In need of more Spott content? You don’t have to start from scratch! You can start off with our extensive database of catchy texts and visuals. Get off to a flying start as a Spott believer!

1) Download our success stories.

How SAPO uses Spott

SAPO used Spott to add shoppable links to videos and
images on fashion and lifestyle articles. 

This way their large fan base can now watch images and videos on their favourite website and click the products that inspired them. 

By clicking the product SAPO fans can view the price and go to the advertisers’ website to check and buy the featured items.

How ColliShop uses Spott

Collishop used Spott to easily put an interactive layer on top of existing content, create new content tailored for interactivity and use the software on user-generated content.

3) Recommend Spott on your social media and community forums

We’ve prepared a few swipe copy which you can freely copy & paste. Feel free to adjust as you see fit!

Get more value out of your published content by making it actionable and measurable in a multichannel environment. Check out for #interactivevideo solutions

You want your brand to stand out. And that’s exactly what our helps you to do. World’s most popular brands reach optimizes their user experience through interactive branded content with Spott

Post, interact and collect!

After ‘all’ the effort, it’s time to collect! You promoted your content on all your channels and made sure to use your unique link as a call to action. That’s the only thing you had to do! So, when one of your network buddies makes a purchase, you’ll receive a monthly 50% of cash OR 100% of credits to your account. 

Find your link

Login to your account and navigate to the Referral program page. You’ll see a My referral code button on the top right corner 



  1. Login to your Spott account
  2. Click on your profile image on the top-right corner and go to Settings
  3. Navigate to the Referral program option on the left sidebar
  4.  Click on the My referral code button on the top right