Open a world of creativity by using styles & widgets for your interactivity

Discover unlimited customization of interactivity through styles & widgets, from lead generation, closets, music widgets to shopping within a video:

The more people use Spott, the more ideas and requests we get on how to use interactivity. 

The way we scale this, it by working with widgets & styles

A widget as an interactivity-functionality that we have standardized as we see that multiple users are using this. Just think about widgets allowing to show pricing discounts, the new audio widget that will allow you to put audio files onto your medium or the new social widgets which are amazing for linking people to your social media. As a surplus, you can even start playing around on producing your own fully customised widget. 

Styles allow you to customize those widgets to your linking. This based on your branding, rules, website design, the nature of the content and sort of conversion you are aiming for. 

Furthermore, we make sure you can save those styles, so you can apply it to other widgets and/or use it on other content. All of that comes together in a style set.

Creating a widget or style set is very easy but the possibilities are endless. You start by creating a styleset in the styles tab, from there you can use the editor to create and style everything according to your needs.  Customizing is the key when using spott. You can go as far as even using custom css.

You can read up more about widgets & styles via these articles:


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