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Our key features

Interactive video

Add interactive layers to your videos and take full control of your audience. With Spott’s interactive video software, you can tag and track any brand, product or influencer in your videos and turn them into actionable content. If it’s in the frame, you can Spott it.

Interactive images

Spott allows you to tag any product image you and your teams create and turns it into actionable items. Products, people or objects: Spott can make them all interactive.

Whether you’re looking to create shoppable images for your store or interactive images for your brand website: we’ve got you covered. Building a one-on-one connection through your interactive images has never been easier.

Analytics & reporting

Your decision-making relies on accurate reporting. Spott’s insights tell you everything you need to know about the success of your interactive content.

Our solution tracks and analyses all relevant data and provides you with detailed reports, so you can measure the impact of your marketing content and improve performance.


We believe in open integrations. And so should you – it’s what powers the most ambitious brands to create an ecosystem of best-of-breed applications that is perfectly aligned with their business. That’s why Spott’s API can pull data from a wide range of other tools, including the store locators, pricing feeds, DAMs and PIMs that your business is using.

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