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Go for longer session times, more recurrent visits and higher average basket sizes by transforming inspiration into conversion

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Thousands of online retailers, online publishers, advertisers, and marketing agencies are convinced! They use Spott to level up their conversion.

Shoppable content

Increase Sales

With interactions with Spott, you can easily add interactivity to your content.

Simply use our platform and add interactions like:

  • In-content conversion
  • Shop the look
  • Add to basket
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Easy To Use

You won’t need an entire IT-team to manage your interactive content. Spott is an easy to use platform. And once you get stuck, just chat with us and we’ll be happy to help you. You won’t need an entire IT-team to manage your interactive content.

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Start creating interactive content right now.

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Interactive Images

Interactive images will help you get more conversions. Use Spott to make add interactivity.

It’s easy:

link your database, tag your products, link people, mark certain objects and add a call to action. With Spott you can make every image interactive.

Whether you’re looking to create shoppable images for your store or interactive images for your brand website: Spott can help you.

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Analytics & Reporting

Data on the behaviour of your website visitor is gold to your marketing strategy. With the Spott reporting, you’ll know everything about the success of your interactive content.

In Spott you can track every interaction with your content. Who viewed your content?

Did they hover over certain products? Which products are getting clicked? This will help you measure and improve your marketing content strategy.