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How Spott works

You can create interactive videos and interactive images with Spott. This is how it works:

  1. Upload your image, photo or video
  2. Add interactions
  3. Publish and increase sales

Want to try it?

Create your first interactive image or video now:

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Increase sales with interactions

With Spott, you can easily add interactivity to your content. Simply use our platform and add interactions like: 

  • In-content conversion
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Shop the look
  • Add to basket
  • Open popup window
easy to use software

Easy to use

You won’t need an entire IT-team to manage your interactive content. Spott is an easy to use platform. And once you get stuck, just chat with us and we’ll be happy to help you.  

Let your content sell for you

Create your first interactive image or video now:

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Interactive video

Add interactivity to your videos. With Spott you can:

  • Create shop-the-look videos
  • Add add-to-basket links to your videos
  • Link your product database
  • Generate newsletter subscriptions in video
  • Add pop-up frame in video

Interactive images

Interactive images will help you get more conversions. Use Spott to make add interactivity. It’s easy: link your database, tag your products, link people, mark certain objects and add a call to action. With Spott you can make every image interactive. Whether you’re looking to create shoppable images for your store or interactive images for your brand website: Spott can help you.

Analytics & reporting

Data on the behaviour of your website visitor is gold to your marketing strategy. With the Spott reporting, you’ll know everything about the success of your interactive content.

In Spott you can track every interaction with your content. Who viewed your content? Did they hover over certain products? Which products are getting clicked? This will help you measure and improve your marketing content strategy.

Share interactive content

Don’t be shy. Once you’ve added interactivity to your amazing content you should share it with the world. That’s why we’re constantly working on finding new ways for you to share interactive content. This is what’s possible today:


Shoppable content

At Spott, we preach the sentence ‘being able to go from inspiration to action by a snap of your fingers’ almost every hour – honestly it’s getting to be kind of a bother – but we did find THE way to do this. Spott’s interactive layer let’s you show product details and add ‘add to basket’ buttons for the products featured in your content. Upload your full product database and control the magic in the data dashboard. 

Lead generation from your content

A key asset of good content is its ability to give you extra leads. Spott can help you by letting you add captivating pop-ups to your video. These can make sure your technical customers get all the information they want, that you get more newsletter subscriptions and that more possible clients start a conversation. 

Educational purposes

Educating people can be a challenge and definitely if it’s through a passive medium. Our interactivity tool enables educational content makers to add text, links, other videos and more to their visual content. That way they can engage with viewers and simplify their learning process. 

Interactive Google display Ads

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