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How Spott works

Spott for agencies
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How to use interactivity for your clients

Want to know the secret? We’ll show you. Tell us who you are and we’ll send you a one-pager with all you need to know.

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Generate results from videos

WOW your clients with amazing videos that generate result. Not just a good number of viewers, but actual conversions, decreased bounces,… Make your clients’ videos interactive and get results. 

All of this is super easy with Spott. And the best part: you don’t have to tell them you’ve used Spott for it. 

AB-test: ColliShop case

Collishop AB-tested the Spott software and discovered some great results. Discover more about this case here:


Discover the Collishop Case

Visual content with results

You know your heatmaps, what’s the first thing visitors look at? Images. Grasp the visitors’ attention in the image and trigger the user to take action. This way you’ll get some results for your clients. 

Key features