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How Spott works

Educational purposes

Educating people can be a challenge and definitely if it’s through a passive medium. Our interactivity tool enables educational content makers to add text, links, other videos and more to their visual content. That way they can engage with viewers and simplify their learning process. 

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Link to informational sites in your video

When explaining something, you might expect your viewers to know the basics. They can easily get informed by adding a link to any site containing background information without taking valuable time of your video. Or do you have an online course? Just add it to your video and spread the knowledge faster than you can imagine.

Give additional information with another video inside your video

Yes, you did read this correct. A video inside a video. Before you freak out at this inception level video making, let us explain. You can easily link an earlier made video within your interactive video. This video could be opened within the video through iframe, or in a new tab. With an iframe, the viewer can watch additional information within the previous videoframe and return to the original video to continue watching whenever they like.

Open PDF from video

Next to videos and images, educational content is most of the time text-based. It would be a shame to not include this. You can easily add a PDF that opens as an overlay on top of the video. Viewers can decide for themselves what parts they read and return to the video whenever they want.

Launch it on your site

Ready to educate millions? Just copy-paste an embed code onto your site and the interactive content will be added right where you want it. Now hurry on and start spreading your knowledge. 

Key features