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How Spott works

Share interactive content

Don’t be shy. Once you’ve added interactivity to your amazing content you should share it with the world. That’s why we’re constantly working on finding new ways for you to share interactive content. This is what’s possible today:


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Publish interactivity to any website

Lower bounce rates, happy visitors and very creative content. It’s not difficult with Spott interactive content. Whether your site runs on WordPress, Drupal, HTML5 or any other CMS it’s always possible to publish your Spott interactive content on it. 

Want to publish to several websites? Or perhaps publish to one of your partners? No problem! Once you’ve created an interactive image or video, you’ll be able to get an easy embed-code you can use wherever you want. 

Create interactive Google display Ads

This one is still in beta, but if you want you can try it out now. Creating interactive Google Display Ads is one of the newest possibilities to use your interactive content. You’ll push an ad with an interactive image to your Google Display campaign. 

Publish your best content to Facebook

Creating interactive content has always been easy with the Spott software. Need more traffic to boost your content? Just link your Facebook account and you can publish your best images straight to Facebook. This way Spott helps you to create inspirational social media posts that sell.

Share on Pinterest

Share your interactive images to Pinterest. It’s the perfect way to get more traffic with your creative interactive photo’s. People will see your pins and will be able to click the tagged product inside the pin. 

Connect your video players

It’s easy to connect your online videos to Spott. We support the most popular video players and are always working on new integrations with other video players. 

Key features