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Double the traffic of your Google Display Ads, Without Spending More $$$.

Are you looking to increase the performance of your Google Display Ads?
Make your Google Display banner interactive in less than 5min.
Learn how you can increase your CTR and become a Google Ads master.

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What are interactive Google display ads?

With Spott you can easily create interactive ads in which users can check out products and truly interact with your ad before clicking it.

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How does it work?

Step 1: create your interactive Dispay Ads in Spott


Step 2: upload your ads in Google Ads

Step 3: Enjoy the results

Who is it for?

Spott Interactive Display banners are perfect for digital agencies, SEA marketers and anyone who wants to drastically improve the performance of their display campaigns.

  • Marketing Agencies use them to proactively propose new and innovative Display banner ideas to their clients and improve the performance of their campaigns.
  • SEA marketers use them to increase the CTR & Conv. Rate of their campaigns as well as to increase the traffic on their website.
  • They all use them to create kickass visuals, highlight their flagship products, increase their ROI and stand out from their competitors.

Don't take our word for it

This is what some of our first users had to say after using interactive Google display ads by Spott for the first time:


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You’re in good company. These are some of our happy clients:

The Multipharma experiment

The objective: increasing CTR 

Multipharma needed to increase the CTR on their display campaigns. We offered our software to make their banners interactive. Multipharma organised an AB-test putting the normal banner against the new interactive banner.  Spoiler alert: the results were amazing

The AB-test: ‘interactive ad’ vs ‘static ad’

Together with Multipharma we decided to organise an AB-test. In this test we would add interactivity to their existing banners and test if this could help them get more results from Google Display. 

These are the usual banners:

And we simply added interactivity to this banner with the Spott software: 



The results: mind-blowing

We expected great results and saw fantastic results. We noticed a 140% increase in CTR. With the simple trick of adding interactivity to the ad. That’s great right? It made all the difference for Mulitpharma. 


What’s next? 

With these amazing results, Multipharma decided to create more interactive ads. The goal is definitely to keep on testing and improving the interactive ads. With interactive Google display ads we can easily set up ads that generate results. 


So don’t miss out. Get your 7 Day Free Trial right now!

Frequently asked questions

Do I have all acces in the 7 day free trial?

Yes! You will have acces to the platform and you can immediately try it out on all your ads.

What makes an ad interactive?

Adding metadata to your Google Display Campaign will make your ads interactive. You Google Display campaign will get higher CTRs, as you will have more context around each of the different products.

Can I use multiple URL's in my interactive Google Display ads?

Not at the moment but we're discussing this with Google right as we speak! Hang on.

What do you mean with Google Ads accounts connected?

When you create Google display ads you need a Google display Ads account for your company.

Can I use the other features of Spott?

Yes, if you upgrade and include a normal package with credits you can also start using other Spott products.

How will interactivity impact the ROI of my Google display campaign?

This depends on the nature of your interactivity and the vertical you are in. You should have at least +10% on your CTR.

Do I get free updates and support?

Yes, you get free updates. You get support for the 299 and the 999 package.

What if I want 4 connected accounts?

If you want to connect 4 different accounts, you can buy multiple codes and stack them. In a more mathematical way. This means you buy 4 codes of 49€, which comes to a total of 196€ to connect 4 Google Ads Accounts.

What are the supported formats?

Interactivity doesn't work on all formats. But we've made sure that you'll be able to use the most popular ad formats. We currently allow: 580 x 400, 160 x 600, 300 x 600, 300 x 1050, 930 x 180, 970 x 250, 980 x 120.

Why should I choose for Spott?

Only Spott enables you to make your Google Display Campaigns interactive.

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