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Interactive Images

Interactive images are making it easier for your clients to love your content. By adding extra information to your images or providing a direct way to take action with shoppable content, your visuals will get more attention and conversion. 

Every Image Can Be Made Interactive

Whether you are creating shoppable images to drive more purchases, informational add-ons to tell your audience more about what they are seeing or social tags to increase your followers, every image has the potential to be great. 

Tag your products

Let your visitors ‘shop the look’ by tagging your products in images. Don’t worry, the Spott software can help you recognize your products in the images.

product feed

Product feed

Automatic product updates

Link Spott with your product database, automatically importing products and always keeping your offers up-to-date

Show off

Enrich your website

Easily embed your interactive images on your website in a couple of clicks. Turn your website into an interactive experience and increase its SEO performance thanks to the interactive metadata.