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 Interactive PDF

PDFs can be great marketing and sales assets. Digital catalogs, brochures, flyers, the possibilities are endless. But how do you let people take action in a PDF? They can’t click to buy, book a demo or select their size like they can on a website. Or can they?

You Can Make Every PDF Interactive

Bring not only your images & videos to life, but also your PDFs. With Spott, you can turn every PDF into a mini website. Whether you add extra information to your catalogs to tell your audience more about what they are seeing, or provide a direct way to take action with shoppable content, your catalog will get more attention and conversion.

Interactive PDFs allow them to

  • Book a demo
  • Download documents
  • Add products to their basket
  • Click to view extra information

Show off

Publish your PDF

Easily embed your interactive catalogs in a couple of clicks through a direct link or an iframe. Turn your PDF into an interactive experience and increase its performance and engagement!