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Interactive pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but we believe that an interactive one is worth far more!

Pictures are a great way to attract visitors, but far too often their hard-won attention is not optimally utilized. Every step you force your audience to take between inspiration and action creates barriers to engagement, as they have to search for ways to take action.

With interactive pictures, your audience has a frictionless path between being inspired and acting upon this inspiration. See something interesting? Just click it to buy, discover, listen, explore, reserve, …

So whether your goal is to drive sales, increase audience engagement or something else entirely, our interactive picture solution can help you to reach it.

“Spott is the perfect way to become more engaged with my followers. I always try to keep up with the latest trends and must-haves and my social feed is a reflection of that. People can see the looks that I created with these amazing new items that I bought, but they were never able to shop the look directly from my picture. Spott is the tool that I was desperately looking for, for quite a while already.”

Julie Vanlommel, Style Influencer

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