Interactive TV Experience

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Create powerful interactive TV experiences with a clear call-to-action and intuitive technology.

Increase the engagement with your TV audience with an interactive experience – transforming passive consumption of content into an engaged interaction.

By live syncing your content, Spott™ enables a seamless conversion of your audience. Audience participation, gamification, exclusive offers and discounts, test-drives, … the possibilities are endless. With our user-friendly technology, create a frictionless experience to make it easier for your audience to interact.

Instead of sending your message in a one-way stream, hoping that it will be received and acted upon, initiate a measurable two-way conversion with interactive tv experiences.

“At IKEA we have chosen to work with Spott™ so consumers can interact in an innovative way with their favourite IKEA products. It’s a new way for us to communicate about IKEA, allowing consumers to recognise, find and buy IKEA items through TV ads and TV shows, thanks to Spott™.”

Miguel Aguza, Country Communication Manager IKEA

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