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How Spott works

Lead generation from your content

A key asset of good content is its ability to give you extra leads. Spott can help you by letting you add captivating pop-ups to your video. These can make sure your technical customers get all the information they want, that you get more newsletter subscriptions and that more possible clients start a conversation. 

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Open PDF from video

Some of your visitors might be very technical. They might want to know the exact sizes of a product or really want to know into detail how your product works. This information can easily be added to your video by including a pdf. Or you can tease interesting and valuable cases in your videos and spark the interest to download the corresponding PDF.

Open web chat in video

Direct interaction with customers is one of the most important things in this digital age. Customers are no longer passive buyers, but active participants with valid questions. To accommodate this need, we have an easy feature that enables you to add your web chat service right into a video. This way you can interact with a customer on their peak point of interest.

Get newsletter subscriptions in video

Offer your viewers the option to subscribe to your newsletter by adding it in your video. It can be shown throughout the whole video in a subtle way, or you can add a pop-up at a certain moment.


Let viewers find your stores

Add google maps in your videos to make it easy for your viewers to find you anywhere. Set them on the right path by linking to your store or showing off your neighborhood. Customers can add a pin to your location to never forget about you. 

Broadcast your interactive content

You’ve made your content interactive and are ready to share it with the world? We couldn’t have made it easier, just copy-paste a code snippet to your platform and watch the customers converting. 

Key features