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How DPG uses interactivity

DPG Media has always been rocking video content on their platforms. After all, they are a big media brand. Their video content has given them stellar performance on awareness and visibility, but hardly anyone actually took action as a result of their videos. Now, with interactive video, they don’t have to worry about their conversion performance again.

  • +25% interaction on product level
  • Conversion rates above 6,5%

How SAPO uses their interactivity

SAPO is by far the biggest publisher in Portugal with monthly visits north of 60 million being not only Portuguese but also Brazilian.

SAPO used Spott to transform native content on fashion and lifestyle into a sales engine leading to longer session times and considerable traffic to the website of the advertiser.

  • Click through rate of 50%
  • An extremely low bounce rate of 19%
  • An average session time north of 3 minutes

“Interactive content is the future! It is highly important to reinforce value of content and to increase engagement with the audience. The team at Spott gives unique support.”

Joao Pereira, Marketing Director at SAPO

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Of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. (Animoto)