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How ZEB uses interactivity

With their Foudre brand, fashion retailer ZEB was searching for a unique way to have a more immersive content experience guiding their fans through a seamless purchasing path.

What we were missing was how to make it shoppable, how to make it convert, and how to keep customers inspired when going through the check-out process.What we found in Spott was a way to let people buy smoothly at the moment they are most ready.

Nico, Online Content Manager at ZEB

How Benetton uses interactivity

Fashion shows are a great way for brands to showcase their newest products, but they are also a challenge. Viewers can not yet order the products at the moment they are shown in the show, as the products are not yet available in stores. In other words, a moment of genuine inspiration can not be converted into a purchase.

Benetton solves this problem by letting fans interact with their favorite clothing pieces. Viewers can leave their e-mail address in the video to be informed when the piece is available in the Benetton store of their preference.

How Glossier uses interactivity

Glossier is a beauty brand inspired by real life. Everything they do is distilled into their essential, easy-to-use skincare and makeup products. As a fresh and appealing brand, user experience is an important factor. The widgets used in their content are predefined, yet easily adapted to perfectly fit the visual identity of Glossier.

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