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How ZEB uses interactivity

When launching Foudre as a new brand, ZEB was searching for a unique way to have a more immersive content experience guiding their fans through a seamless purchasing path.

We chose a fresh and personalised card style for this video. The reason for this is that the video is to fast pased for the smaller dots to be visual the card style doen’t dissrupt the video wich makes it very valid for most fast pased video’s. And now its even easier to customise to your own needs and brand with the new spott styles tab.

How Benetton uses interactivity

There is always a time lag between the moment a fashion brand organises a fashion show and the clothing becomes available in the stores. In other words, a moment of genuine inspiration cannot be converted into a purchase. This is a suboptimal user experience for fans and of course for the brand.

Fans were able to interact with their favourite clothing piece and leave their email address to be informed when that piece is available in the Benetton store of their preference.

How Glossier uses interactivity

Glossier is a beauty brand inspired by real life. Everything they do is distilled into their essential, easy-to-use skincare and makeup products. Since it is a fresh and apealing brand we chose to use one of the predifined styles spott has wich is made with the purpose of being young and stylish.

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